As summer comes to an end and the holiday season begins, retailers have already started preparing for the biggest shopping weekend of 2017.

Black Friday and its online counterpart offer the best price cuts all year long. But, which between the two is the best shopping day. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of shopping on either day:

Cyber Monday Sales vs. Black Friday Sales

Black Friday

Many people shopping on this day are those who prefer to shop in-store. Tradition dictates that you rise early to enjoy the numerous sales on offer. Most consumers use this day to get started with the Christmas shopping.

Regardless of the many reasons why you should battle the lines, you, like many other consumers are there to spend money. On average, each Black Friday shopper spends around four hundred dollars on this day. But you have to ask yourself, are the deals worth all the time spent on the lines?

ü  Pros

It provides some of the best savings on electronics and computers. Additionally, it is considered to be the best time to check out the deals available on home accessories.
It provides you with an in-store shopping experience—you get to try out the clothes on sale, as well as check out the different products available before you can make a purchase.
You never have to worry about order cancellation. The biggest advantage here is that as long as you have an item in your cart, you get to check it out and take it home with you.
ü  Cons

Waking up as early as 4 a.m can prove to be a hassle for some people. Additionally, some stores are open on Thanksgiving, and this may cut into your much-needed family time.
One of its greatest cons is the biting cold. But you should note that many stores are not offering sales via their online portals.
Cyber Monday Online Sales

Cyber Monday was designed for people who would rather shop from the comfort of their home computers, or from their offices. It provides an alternative for people who do not want to wait in line for hours to purchase what they need.

ü  Pros

It offers a faster shopping experience. Many online shoppers check out their items within minutes of loading them into their carts.
Cyber Monday offers more discounts from retailers, rather than providing product-specific discounts as is the case with Black
It provides convenience as you do not have to drive all the way to the store to purchase an item.
It all comes down to how you like your shopping experience. If you derive a thrill from queuing and waiting in long lines, then Black Friday is the day for you. But if you would rather shop from a quiet environment, you are better off waiting for Cyber Monday.