The Best Black Friday Marketing Ideas You Can Use

Do you have any Black Friday marketing ideas or strategies ready? If not, here are some of the best Black Friday marketing ideas you can use!

The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday or the most popular shopping day of the year! As a business, entrepreneur or a retailer, you better get your Black Friday marketing campaigns and strategy ready, if you want to attract the attention of the masses and increase your Black Friday sales. If you don’t have any marketing ideas, don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best Black Friday marketing ideas you can use:


  • Skip the early morning shopping madness – Don’t force your buyers to get up early just to buy your products, instead allow them to snooze the alarm and skip the early morning shopping madness. It simply does not make any sense to compete with global brands for early-morning deals so why not save your special promotions and sales for later in the day. You will still open at a regular time, however, there is no need to create an unnecessary chaos. If you take our advice into consideration, make sure to inform your customers about your sale.
  • Offer gift cards – Believe it or not, gift cards are extremely popular. They will help you attract more audience, increase your sales, and maximize your revenue. Before first Black Friday deals hit, make sure your customers know you are offering gift cards. Come up with creative and interesting gift cards and once you get them, come up with strategies on how to sell a ton of them.
  • Discover your hook – When coming up with new Black Friday marketing campaigns and ideas, you need to think unique and specific. Ask yourself – What can my business offer? What makes me better than the competition? These questions will help you discover your hook and help you stand away from the crowd. If your store stocks a lot of handmade items, limited-edition items, local items, and etc. focus your marketing campaigns and promotions around your products.
  • Team up with other small businesses – It can be pretty challenging to make your voice heard over the promotional blitz of corporate chains around Black Friday and the holidays. A great and powerful Black Friday marketing campaign is to team up with other small businesses and focus your efforts on one common goal – attract as many potential shoppers as possible. For example, you can plan a shopping event together to split the expense of an advertising promotion. Remember, the greater the number of participating small businesses, the more enticing your promotion is for the potential shoppers.
  • Bundle items together – Another great marketing idea for a Black Friday campaign is to bundle items together. You can make a nice packaged gifts which are very popular among the shoppers as they make excellent presents. The nice packaged gifts are also an excellent way to upsell shoppers to a higher price point. We recommend you to give these shoppers a discount, for instance, you can offer a discount if the shopper decides to purchase 3 related items.
  • Reward your social media fans – As you probably know engaging with your customers through social media networks is really important. We recommend you to give your social media accounts an additional boost during Black Friday. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #blackfriday or #blackfriday2017 when posting on Instagram or Twitter. You can also reward your social media fans by offering discounts or coupons they can use when shopping.